5 Benefits of Turmeric

Posted by Aspen Kay Naturals

Turmeric’s (often misspelled as, tumeric or termeric) vibrant yellow color and distinctive curry flavor make it difficult to forget once you’ve encountered the spice. Even if you’ve never savored scrumptious yellow curry or seen this bright spice on a kitchen shelf, it’s possible you’ve run across it in less classical uses. The turmeric trend is currently sweeping the nation, inspiring everything from frothy golden lattes to strangely spicy chocolate bars. While turmeric is currently in vogue, it’s also a truly timeless substance that thousands have used for millennia. This powerful plant offers a wide array of advantages. At AspenKay Naturals, our team is proud to help you learn about and enjoy everything the natural world has to offer with our organic, handmade soaps. In the following blog, we introduce you to the top 5 benefits of turmeric.

1. It can make your skin radiant.
That’s right: turmeric’s natural glow can extend to your facial skin. Healthline explains: “turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components” that “may provide glow and luster to the skin.” Turmeric may also revive your skin by bringing out its natural glow.” Furthermore, Organic Facts adds that turmeric “keeps pimples at bay by inhibiting the growth of pimple-causing bacteria and reducing the oil secretion by the sebaceous glands.” New Delhi TV also calls turmeric “a great natural exfoliator” that “helps in removing dead skin cells” when applied as a paste. If you want soft, smooth, shining skin, turmeric could be the key.

2. It helps heal injuries.
Turmeric can also be good for treating cuts and scrapes. A 2014 study published in the scientific journal, Elsevier, notes: “Curcumin [one of the primary components of turmeric] has...been shown to have significant wound healing properties. It acts on various stages of the natural wound healing process to hasten healing.” The article further explains that curcumin has been shown to “reduce the body’s natural response to cutaneous [skin-related] wounds such as inflammation and oxidation” as well as “enhance granulation tissue formation, collagen deposition, tissue remodeling, and wound contraction.” Essentially, turmeric can help diminish the body’s less helpful responses to skin injuries (such as swelling) while speeding up the development of new tissue.

3. It can be used to help treat skin conditions.
Given that turmeric is good for your skin and has healing properties, it might not surprise you that it may be an effective remedy for a variety of dermatological issues. A 2016 article published in the scientific journal Phytotherapy Research reports: “ten studies noted statistically significant improvement in skin disease severity in the turmeric/curcumin treatment groups compared with control groups [those who did not receive turmeric or curcumin]” when assessing disorders such as “acne, alopecia, atopic dermatitis, facial photoaging, oral lichen planus, pruritus, psoriasis, radiodermatitis, and vitiligo.” Further scientific research should be done, but turmeric’s future as a dermatological aid is bright.

4. It can help alleviate arthritis.
Millions of people around the world suffer from arthritis or joint swelling. Fortunately, turmeric can also help with this common condition. According to Medical News Today, “the Arthritis Foundation cites several studies in which turmeric has reduced inflammation. This anti-inflammatory ability might reduce the aggravation that people with arthritis feel in their joints. The foundation suggests taking capsules of 400 to 600 milligrams (mg) of turmeric up to three times per day for inflammation relief.” Additionally, a 2009 study published in the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine found: “C. domestica [a form of turmeric” extracts seem to be similarly efficacious and safe as ibuprofen in the treatment of knee OA [osteoarthritis].”

5. It works wonderfully in soaps.
Given its aromatic scent, myriad health benefits, and skin-brightening properties, turmeric is an excellent addition to any soap. At AspenKay Naturals, we infuse our turmeric bar soap with both organic turmeric root and 100 percent pure turmeric root essential oil to pack it with the vibrant spice’s power. We also use organic unrefined shea butter, organic extra virgin olive oil, and organic sunflower oil when we cold press our turmeric soap the old-fashioned way. You can also enjoy the advantages of a turmeric cleanser with our affordable 1-pound bag of “fugly” turmeric soap, made with the same high-quality ingredients as our bar soap.

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