Five Reasons Why You Should Switch To Solid Shampoo & Conditioner

Posted by Victoria Marie

1) Plastic-Free

Our shampoo and conditioner bars are packaged in an eco-friendly travel tin and refills are packaged in a kraft paper box. When switching to solid shampoo & conditioner bars you are helping to reduce single use plastic pollution and your carbon footprint, putting you on the path to becoming an eco-warrior, one good hair day at a time.


2) Sulfate-Free Hair Care

Why did we choose to go sulfate-free? Well, for us that was an easy decision to make. Simply put sulfates in hair care can be damaging, they are harsh cleansers that strip the hair of moisture and protective oils. We only want to offer products that we would use ourselves, so sulfate-free was the way to go. Our hair care bars are also paraben-free and silicone-free. 


3) Great for travel

Our hair bars are packaged in handy travel tins making on the go hair care a snap! They are perfect for travel, camping, gym or the beach. In addition, our hair bars are lightweight, TSA approved, and you don’t have to worry about spillage. Our recyclable tins provide convenient on the go storage for wherever your travels take you.


4) Multi-purpose uses 

Our shampoo bar double as a body wash and our conditioner bar is great for shaving or in shower moisturizing. 


5) No transitional period required 

 Our shampoo bars are soap free and PH balanced to hair, so no transitional period or gummy waxy feeling to the hair like traditional soap-based shampoos. Soap based shampoo bars have a much higher PH that the scalp and hair, so the transition period is essentially your hair adjusting to the abrupt PH change. There are some great soap-based shampoo bars out there, but it’s not an easy transition and a good portion of people give up on shampoo bars. Our shampoo bars gently cleanse the hair without messing with the hairs natural PH making it an easy eco-friendly switch.


We hope this list helps you make the switch over to solid shampoo and conditioner, If you have any questions about our products shoot us an email at